Why You Should Hire A Wedding Content Creator


August 17, 2023

We are a society that lives on instant gratification. We love to share our lives and want to be able to do it right away. As a professional photographer and a bride, I understand this. It’s why Nikki Rinc Photography is proud to be one of the only wedding photography teams in Florida to offer a wedding content creator as part of your wedding collection.

Wedding Content Creator

Memories To Share Right Away :

I get it. All that is left when your wedding day is over is the photos. But, that also means you’re waiting 6 to 12 weeks for your full gallery. You want to share the special moments from your wedding right when they happen! That’s where a wedding content creator comes in.

  • You want fun, genuine, candid content that is shot with your social media in mind!
  • You get to own and edit your own content from your day – how you want.
  • Your friends don’t have to worry about missing the most important moments looking behind a screen.
Wedding Content Creator

The Process :

Your wedding content creator will capture all the behind the scenes moments of your big day. From the fun getting ready moments (champagne spray included!), to the authentic moments that make your wedding day unforgettable. They will capture and edit photos and videos in real time, so that by the time you are removing your make up at the end of the night you have content to view and share with friends and family.

Wedding Content Creator

How Is This Different From A Photographer Or Videographer?

A Wedding Content Creator might create you a video that gets you a million Tik Tok views, but your photography team will capture the moments that will hang above your fireplace. Your videographer will create the masterpiece that you watch on every anniversary to relive the day again! A wedding content creator will work with your photo/video team to make sure all the moments of your day are captured effortlessly.

A wedding content creator allows couples to unplug and relive their wedding day immediately. No matter what media you use to take the pictures, they’re going to end up on social media. Might as well hire an expert in what looks good on social platforms. Plus, there’s something special about being able to provide candid beautiful opportunities to see your guests in their element, without the pressure of a big DSLR camera in their face. A wedding content creator does not replace your photographer and videographer – only enhances the fun, authentic moments captured of your wedding day!

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