Why you should make time for sunset photos on your wedding day


September 15, 2021

Hi beautiful brides! One of the greatest things about using the world as my studio are the breathtaking sunsets I am given. I always encourage my couples to do is sunset photos and include it in every timeline I create for my couples. This is because the light is always SO dreamy and amazing. It’s something you cannot get at any other part of the day! It’s also a great time to sneak away for a little bit to decompress and spend some one-on-one time with your new husband/bride!

What is the perfect time for sunset photos?

So when exactly is sunset time, or “golden hour”? Typically it’s between an hour and a half to thirty minutes before the sun sets. This is the PERFECT time to take portraits! However, with a typical wedding timeline, portrait time is not at sunset (it’s normally midday or early afternoon). But, there’s still a way to capture the dreamy portraits that golden hour provides! Take into consideration what time of year your wedding is at too (spring forward/fall back)!

The way to do this is to sneak out during your reception for some extra portraits. You can typically accomplish these in 15-30 minutes, so it doesn’t take long at all! It all depends on how your timeline is set up, but typically this happens at the end of dinner or after your other reception events are finished. Usually, I schedule it after first dances, toasts, and 30 minutes after dinner. I’ve also have already scouted where the perfect location would be so we can go straight there. I always pick a place with the least foot traffic so guests don’t interrupt us. During such a short absence, no one will notice!

So if you do decide to do this, what kind of portraits will you get?! Probably something like these… (and I’d say they’re pretty gorgeous!!

sunset photos bride and groom
sunset photos bride and groom
bride and groom sunset photos

Photographer : Nikki Rinc Photography

Venue : The Barn

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