Sample Wedding Timeline for a Nikki Rinc Bride


September 17, 2021

Hey brides!! A Wedding Timeline is one thing that you probably have almost NO idea where to start. I mean, of course, you can figure out when your ceremony is supposed to start. But what time should the reception start afterward? When should you start getting ready? When should your photographer arrive? How much time should you allot for photos? The number of things to consider can be overwhelming!

This is where I come in! You will receive a questionnaire about a month before your wedding day. I will create a timeline for your wedding day based on the information you provide in this form.

Below is an ideal timeline I would suggest for one of my brides! Without a doubt, this definitely can change wedding to wedding based on a couple factors (for example, travel time between your ceremony & reception location) but in general, I know exactly how much time I need to accomplish all the photos you see in other wedding galleries. 🙂

Most of my brides tend to do a first look, so this timeline is definitely based on that. However, it is definitely not required, and if you choose not to do one, portrait time will just have to be shifted to after the ceremony! 🙂 All my brides receive this ideal timeline + more detailed information on how to arrange a timeline in their wedding guide after booking with me! Without doubt, the exact times will also depend on the best ceremony time for whichever season you have your wedding (which is also explained in the wedding guide :)).

The timeline below is assuming two things: a FIRST LOOK and NO travel time from the getting ready location to ceremony venue, or ceremony venue to reception venue.

Sample Wedding Timeline :

2:00                Photographers Arrive – Detail Shots (rings, shoes, dress, invitations, bouquet, etc)

2:45                Photographer shoots the Bride + Bridesmaids Getting Ready; Second shooter with the Groom + Groomsmen

3:30                Bride gets into her dress

3:45                First Look

4:00                Bride & Groom Portraits

4:30                Bridal Party Photos

5:00                Bride in Hiding / Photographer captures Ceremony & Reception venue details

5:30                Ceremony Starts

6:00                Ceremony Ends

6:15                 Family Formals

6:45                  Sunset Bride & Groom Portraits

7:30                 Reception Starts – Time to Party!

10:00              Photographer Departs

That’s it! Remember, this is just the basics of what I recommend… every wedding day will always be slightly different, depending on travel or other events happening throughout the day! 🙂

Bridal bouquet - wedding timeline

Floral : Putnam & Putnam

Photographer : Nikki Rinc Photography

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